Virtual Human 'SSUGI' made in Chartpan.com

Virtual Human 'SSUGI NFT' Project

  • Introducing 'SSUGI', a virtual human who will work across the metaverse and reality with the Korean cheerleader Seo Hyun-sook as a model.
  • The metaverse 'SSUGI' is first introduced to the world as an NFT, and begins its activities crossing the metaverse and the real world.
  • In the metaverse, SSUGI is a sports-loving [photographer], and a model is an [influencer] as a side job.
  • It is connected to reality through [Instagram], and real-world models and activity revenues go back to NFT holders.
  • We plan to be active in various ways on the Metaverse World (Earth 2, etc.), [SSUGI.WORLD homapage], and [Instagram].
  • When you purchase SSUGI NFT, you will have the opportunity to participate in Seo Hyun-sook's offline fan meeting, meal event, etc.
  • In addition, they have the right to share the profits of Metaverse Virtual Human SSUGI.
  • SSUGI NFT will be in charge of the chartpan.com and chartpan token ecosystem.

  • [Official SNS channel related to SSUGI Project]

    SSUGI NFT Roadmap




    • Opened SSUGI World on Metaverse Platforms
    • Baseball stadium publicity and advertising board marketing in the presence of Hyunsuk Seo


    • Offline fan meeting with Seo Hyun-sook (top 100 NFT holders)
    • Airdrop of 1,000 ChartpanToken (1,000 tokens per holding 5 ChartpanNFT + 1 SSUGI NFT)
    • ※Note : ChartpanToken listing target price is 0.1$


    • 'Legend' SSUGI NFT limited edition airdrop (3 out of 8 total issued)


    • Metaverse 3D virtual human 'SSUGI' image released (SSUGI World/Instagram)


    • Meal fan meeting with Seo Hyun-sook (Top 10 NFT holders)


    • SSUGI NFT Staking Beta Service Released


    • SSUGI NFT/ChartpanNFT swap system launched (to build an exchangeable system without paying exchange fees such as Opensea, pay and refund the difference in price between the two NFT with ChartpanToken)



    • SSUGI NFT staking official service launched Airdrop to SSUGI NFT holders after buying back chart tokens with income from Metaverse Virtual Human 'SSUGI' activities (It is airdropped once a month as revenue from activities such as advertisements, Instagram activities, and metaverse contents, and is subject to staking.) Guaranteed minimum staking amount by continuously using Chartpan.com as a promotional model

    SSUGI NFT Minting schedule


    (Total issuance 2,008 EA, 1,700 EA minting excluding legend/event quantity)

    1st whitelist (priority to those who complete missions) => End (sold out)

    • Receipt5/7-5/20 18:00
    • Homepage Minting5/21 22:00
    • Quantity
    • Price
    • Contents
    • 400EA + 20EA(Airdrop)
    • 180klay
    • Whitelist provided to those who completed mission link execution

      When the number exceeds 400, a random lottery will be held among the participants.

      Free airdrop for 20 people among minting participants (announced on 5/23 and sent on 5/24)

    2nd whitelist (priority for chart NFT holders) => End

    • ReceiptNo separate application required
    • Homepage Minting5/25 22:00 ~ 26th 24:00
    • Quantity
    • Price
    • Contents
    • 1,200EA
    • 180klay
    • Whitelist provided for ChartpanNFT holders One whitelisting right is granted per ChartpanNFT, and random lottery if more than 1,200

      Free airdrop of 2 legend quantity by lottery among participants

    ※No separate application required, 1 minting right per 1 ChartpanNFT holding (When minting, connect your wallet to your ChartpanNFT holding wallet.)
    ☞Go to Buy ChartpanNFT

    Public open minting => in progress

    • Homepage open after June Minting260klay
    • Quantity
    • Price
    • Contents

    Quantity other than minting



    • early june
    • Quantity
    • Price
    • Contents
    • 50
    • -
    • ChartpanNFT holdings or airdrops for buyers

    Team quantity

    • May-July
    • Quantity
    • Price
    • Contents
    • 250
    • -
    • Used for team holding and marketing purposes

    Legend quantity (rare of rare)

    • end of july
    • Quantity
    • Price
    • Contents
    • 8
    • -
    • 2 Airdrops provided by Seo Hyun-sook, 2EA 2nd minting participants, 1EA First-come, first-served basis game, 3EA airdrops for SSUGINFT holders