ChartPanToken Airdrop Event and Listing Schedule

TokenNFT is a one-time NFT for token distribution. For continuous token mining, you need to have a ChartPanNFT.



  • [Participate in ChartPanToken 100EA airdrop event]
  • 1. All participants (up to 20,000) will be paid, and the event period is from 6/9 to 6/17.
  •    * The expected listing price of ChartPanToken is 0.1 USD
  • 2. Event and token airdrop process
  •   ① Perform missions such as wallet registration and SNS follow through the mission participation link
  •    ☞participation link : https://swee.ps/cuhpAB_XaRBMRv
  •   ② Whitelist (free minting right) confirmed
  •   ③ 6/17 22:00~ (korean time), 'TokenNFT' free minting participation
  •   ④ 100 tokens airdrop completed in early July when holding 'TokenNFT' + platform tester rights
  • ※Friend invitation event: At the end of the mission link, you will receive a 100 token drop per 10 invitees through your invitation link.
  • Invitation bonus tokens will be paid in early July.

Public minting

  • ['TokenNFT' public minting for those who want to secure tokens in advance]
  • 1. The minting price is 20klay coins, and there is no limit on the number of minting per wallet.
  • * Minting 1 'TokenNFT' has the same effect as purchasing 100 ChartPanToken.
  • 2. 70% of the token listing price, subject to change depending on the klay coin price.
  • 3. Minting schedule : 6/19 22:00 ~ (korean time)
  • ※Special benefits when ChartPanNFT holders participate in 'TokenNFT' minting
  •   - Confirmed airdrop 'TokenNFT' +1 per 3 'TokenNFT' holdings
  •   - However, the maximum number of 'TokenNFT' airdrops is limited to the number of ChartPanNFT you own.
  •   - The airdrop is scheduled to take place in early July.

Related schedule

Listing schedule

  • Confirmed listing on BitGet Exchange at the end of July 2022 [sign up]
  • September 2022, MEXC exchange listing promotion [sign up]
  • Promotion of additional listing on the Korea Exchange and other exchanges in 2023

Token Mining

Platform Schedule